5-Minute Stress Busters That Really Work


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A calming sleep routine, a restorative yoga practice, and spending plenty of time with family and friends go far in keeping stress levels in check. But you can’t necessarily Downward Dog your way out of the stress that shows up when you find out you’ve missed a flight, you get a feisty email from a coworker, or your dishwasher breaks unexpectedly.

You know the feeling: Your heart starts to race, your palms get sweaty, and that feeling of being overwhelmed takes over.

What stress-busting activities can you do to get back to feeling normal as quickly as possible?

“Stress management can be critical to help you address stress in a healthy way,” says Melissa Dowd, a licensed marriage and family therapist and San Francisco–based therapy lead at PlushCare, a virtual health platform. “It’s important to acknowledge the feeling and utilize coping strategies.”

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