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Adin Ross is one of the biggest streamers in the world, whether you love him or hate him. Overall, he is someone who finds himself at the center of a lot of controversies. However, he always seems to eventually get through them unscathed. That is the benefit of having such a young and adoring fanbase. They can usually get over whatever it is that you’re doing, as long as you keep providing the content that they love. Some of that content just so happens to be gambling streams.

Throughout the years, Ross has made a lot of money with Stake. Of course, Stake is the same company that Drake works with. They are a huge funder of the streaming platform Kick, and they continue to work with Adin closely. Recently, however, the company lost a whopping $40K to hackers out in North Korea. Consequently, the CEO of Stake is looking to get that money back. While speaking to Adin Ross on stream, he floated the idea of sending Ross to the country as a peacekeeper of sorts.

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Adin Ross Was Not Sold On The Idea

As one can probably imagine, Ross was very much against the idea of doing this. However, the Stake CEO made the argument that if he does a good enough job, Ross can be used as propaganda for the country. Moreover, he thinks there is a very good chance that Kim Jong Un actually watched Adin and his streams. Ross doesn’t believe this is the case, although he couldn’t help but have a good laugh about the whole thing. If Adin does go, it could either be a complete disaster, or great for International relations. There is no in-between.

Only time will tell whether or not Stake can get their money back. If one thing is for certain, it’s that Adin won’t be stepping foot in North Korea anytime soon. That said, let us know your thoughts on the idea, in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the entertainment world.

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