Best 4K TV Deals: Up to $900 Off Samsung, LG and Other Big Brands


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$440 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series smart TV

Amazon 55-inch Omni QLED Series 4K Fire TV: $440

Save $160

Despite claims of 8K being the future, 4K content is still likely to be the best you’re going to find, especially when streaming from your favorite services. And now you can pick up a new 4K TV for any room in your house without breaking the bank.

We’ve seen more and more 4K TVs in recent years, to the point where it’s the de facto standard now, which means you can usually find deals without too much digging. But that also means that there are plenty of cheap and less-than-impressive models floating around out there as well, so not every deal you see is actually a good value. To help you find a great 4K TV at a great price, we’ve rounded up some of the best bargains out there on some of our favorite models from major brands like Samsung, LG and more below. 

TV deals typically come and go pretty fast, and we’ll continue to update this page with the latest offers, so be sure to check back often for the best prices available. And if you’re shopping on a tight budget, you can also check out our roundup of all the best cheap TV deals for some more affordable options. 

Best 4K TV deals



This is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen on a 4K TV. Yes it’s relatively small but still large enough for a secondary bedroom or kid’s room. CNET hasn’t reviewed it, but we expect image quality to be good enough for non-critical viewing. And we’re not fans of the Fire TV smart system, but at this price you could attach a cheap Roku streamer and still come out ahead.

The TCL 55-inch 4-Series is displayed against a yellow background.


In our budget TV shootout, the TCL 4-Series combined decent image quality with our favorite smart TV system, and this price is a solid value for a 55-inch 4K TV. Walmart is also discounting the 65-inch model ($378) and if you just want a cheap TV with great streaming, it’s tough to go wrong with either one.



With a massive 85-inch display, this Samsung Q60C is the largest TV you’ll find on this list. It boasts dual-LED backlighting for crisp contrast, plus support for 3D surround sound for a more immersive watch experience. And the remote has a built-in solar panel so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries. If you want a huge screen and a name brand, this is a solid bargain thanks to a big $300 saving.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series smart TV


The Omni QLED series is Amazon’s most advanced TV to date. Along with the stunning 4K UHD display, this 55-inch TV is equipped with a built-in microphone so you can control it completely hands free. It also features support for HDR10+ Adaptive, HLG and Dolby Vision IQ, and has a light sensor to help automatically optimize the screen’s brightness.

The Samsung QN90B QLED TV sits on a wooden tabletop stand.

Bobby Oliver/CNET

This 4K TV has excellent image quality thanks to the bright QLED screen that delivers realistic contrast. It has 4K upscaling, an anti-glare design, Dolby Atmos and object tracking sound and a built-in game hub.



Sizes 43-, 50-, 55-, 60-, 65-, 70-, 75-, 85-inchTV Technology QLEDSmart TV Yes (Tizen)Resolution 4KHDMI Ports 3

Vizio’s V-Series made its way onto our best TVs list as a runner-up budget option thanks to its impressive picture and because it comes with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay built in, which plenty of other smart TVs do not. These allow you to stream, or even mirror, content from your phone or computer. It also boasts 4K UHD picture, and an IQ active processor that enhances the quality of any non-4K content.

Read our Vizio V-series (2021) review.



This 4K UHD Insignia might not have made it onto our list of the best TVs for this year, but it still boasts impressive specs that make it a highly competitive model and a solid deal if you’re after a bigger screen. It runs Amazon’s Fire TV OS, so you can instantly access all your favorite streaming content, and it also supports Apple AirPlay (though not Chromecast). It’s equipped with an HDMI eARC port so it’s easy to run the audio through a soundbar or surround-sound system, and the Alexa voice remote allows for easy hands-free browsing.

What should you look for in a 4K TV deal?

With hundreds of different 4K TV deals from a variety of brands to choose from, it can be hard to know exactly what to be on the lookout for. The size of your space will likely dictate which 4K TV deals are appropriate for you and the number of devices you want to plug in will also rule out any 4K TVs with very few HDMI ports. Since most new TVs are smart these days, you’ll also want to consider which platform a 4K TV you’re eyeing runs, such as Amazon’s Fire OS, Google TV or Roku, as well as any smart home integrations you’ll want to make the most off — like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s HomeKit and AirPlay tech. 

Price is a determining factor for a lot of folks, so scoring a steep 4K TV discount is never a bad thing. Often, TV makers release new models each year, which can prompt previous-gen TVs to go on sale with large price cuts despite relatively minor changes. So it’s often worth considering a TV set from a year or two ago if you don’t need the cutting-edge tech. 

When are the best 4K TV deals available?

Like most consumer electronics, the best 4K TV deals will be found around major sale events like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. These annual events offer some of the best prices of the year and see multiple retailers competing for shoppers’ cash, which is good news for your wallet. That’s not to say you can’t find a good 4K TV deal all year round, though. We keep tabs on TV pricing throughout the year and any surprise, out-of-season sales will be listed above. 

Which retailers usually offer the best 4K TV deals?

When you think of nabbing a 4K TV deal, you should start at the big-box retailers like Best Buy, Target and Walmart. These stores tend to offer some of the biggest sales on 4K TVs, both in store and online, with online-only retailers like Amazon often matching prices — especially during the fall sale season.


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