Boosie Badazz Claims Yung Bleu Forged His Signature, Bleu Wants To Box Him TipTechBlog


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Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu are not letting up on their beef at all, with new callouts and responses emerging every hour, it seems. In fact, it’s been such an avalanche of information and allegations that it’s practically impossible to break things down effectively. Regardless, we know that a lot of it stems from contract issues regarding Bleu’s deal with Empire, which the Baton Rouge MC helped set up. Actually, Boosie claimed that his former protégé’s teams actually forged his signature when it came to a deal, which Bleu obviously denied. In addition, Bleu alleged that Boosie attacked his mother, and that was also met with a denial from the opposing side.

Not only that, but it seems like Boosie Badazz broke his promise to not speak on Yung Bleu’s cheating scandal, instead taking to Twitter to clown him for it. What’s more is that Bleu isn’t Boosie’s only target, as he’s also going at Ghazi and other Empire executives for messing his money up. All in all, it seems like that’s the core issue at hand, and everything else is just a new result.

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Boosie Badazz & Yung Bleu Keep Their Back And Forth Up

As if this wasn’t enough bad blood, Boosie Badazz also unearthed previous tweets from Yung Bleu praising him. For this, the Alabama native said that what he praised Boosie for was all that he ended up doing for him. After that, he claims, it was pretty much radio silence, and he even proposed an idea to box each other. Also, Bleu maintained that his now-rival is lying about all of this. Still, he also posited that, if there’s anyone who should be at fault for all this, it’s the legal and management executives that made it happen.

More Accusations And Beef Between The Former Collaborators

Meanwhile, Boosie claimed that the lawyer that Bleu connected with isn’t even his attorney, so that’s another cap-calling instance. Overall, this is a pretty tangled web that leads back to the same origin: cash. Hopefully they can put aside the petty stuff and hash this out soon, once and for all. With that in mind, check back in with HNHH for the latest on Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu.

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