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Cardi B says that her long-awaited sophomore album will be dropping in 2024. While discussing the project Ebro in the Morning, Cardi confirmed that fans won’t be able to hear the new music before the end of the year.

“You know what? I was indecisive but I was like, you know what? I should already start talking about the album because I’m going to be putting it out very soon,” she began. “But it’s like I have to watch it because I always feel like somebody watching me — it’s going to come out when it’s going to come out.” When asked if fans can expect the project before Christmas, Cardi confirmed: “I can say that; it’s not going to come out this year.”

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Cardi B At The Grammys

Cardi also addressed the idea that rumors of Taylor Swift possibly dropping a new project in the fall influenced her promotion plans. “I wasn’t even thinking like that — my first album and everything — I just like, for this album, I’m just holding it because I feel like I’m missing a couple of things,” she admitted. “Then on top of that, everything just has to be like perfect from everything because I feel like people are expecting so much.” Check out Cardi’s interview with Ebro below.

Cardi B Discusses Her Next Album

Her latest comments come after she teased having a specific date in mind already for the project. Speaking with DJ Whoo Kid, she noted that it’s not her birthday. “I’m kinda still working but I have a date in mind,” she began. “It’s not coming out on my birthday. Matter fact, I don’t want nothing coming out in the month of October. October is my month. I don’t want no shit related to work in October, okay.”

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