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Dillon Danis has hit back at two pieces of media Logan Paul released in an effort to troll the former Bellator fighter. “I’m suing Logan Paul for defamation of character my butthole was not touched that night,” Danis joked in response to text messages that shared details about a sexual encounter Danis had after his press conference with Paul in London. Furthermore, Danis took aim at a clip from their face-off interview posted by Paul. In the clip, Danis repeatedly stumbles over his words and stammers frequently. “This was completely edited by him to look this way. Just wait until the full thing comes out; classic Logan Paul. I can’t wait for everyone to see how badly I roast him,” Danis claimed.

The texts Logan shared are perhaps the most intriguing part of the story. Paul shared a screenshot of texts, purportedly from a woman who slept with Danis after their infamous press conference in London last month. While the woman’s identity cannot be verified, Danis did post a picture of himself in bed with two women shortly after the press conference wrapped up. “Well I met up with Dillon the night of the fight press conference in London, we had a threesome. But the whole time he was so scared and paranoid that Logan had sent us to fuck with him. He’s trying to play it cool but he’s terrified of Logan. I also fingered his butt. I want Logan to use this against Dillon, I hate the way he’s talking about Nina,” the texts read.

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Danis Back To Posting Amid Lawsuit

All this comes the same week that Nina Agdal finally sued Danis. Agdal claims that since his fight with Logan Paul was announced, Danis has made more than 250 tweets about her. She claims that this campaign of trolling has caused her humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational damage. Furthermore, she appeared invoke state and federal “revenge porn” leglislation in response to a nude image of Agdal Danis posted on August 11. “Danis posted the photograph — entirely uncensored — from his X (Twitter) account, without Plaintiff’s consent,” Agdal’s suit read. “Later that day, Danis reposted the explicit photograph in order to maximize the number of views it would receive.” Additionally, Agdal claims that Danis only deleted the post in question because the fight’s promoter threatened to cancel the bout if he didn’t.

Initially, Danis responded by tweeting even harder about Agdal. First he posted a meme of Agdal surrounded by pictures of her ex-boyfriends. “Gotta F**k Em All” was written in the Pokémon font above the image of Agdal. He then posted a picture of porn star Johnny Sins with the caption “Nina’s lawyer”. Furthermore, he quote-tweeted the TMZ article detailing Agdal’s suit. Danis added “This clout-whore sent the details to TMZ, exposing her true character” as a caption. He also added further tweets about Agdal. Now reportedly in North Korea, Danis has expressly said he won’t settle with Agdal.

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