Embracing Life With Multiple Sclerosis


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This autumn will mark the 10th anniversary of the MS & Me blog, published by MS Ireland. When I started writing for them in November of 2013, my first post was called “The View From Here.” It was a figurative title, as we live in the farthest westerly town on this island, and “from here” was intended to refer to that isolated location. But it turned out to be so much more.

I Often See the World From the Back of the Pack

Today, the phrase “the view from here” has taken another turn as my disease progresses. I’m finding that my view of the world is often from either the back of the pack or from flat on my back.

The world moves too fast for me to keep up with it. By the time I reach the waypoints of my peers, they have moved on to the next thing, and I fall farther and farther behind. And that’s if I’m even standing at all.

I’ve had more than a few falls over the years. These past 8 to 10 months have seen even more than usual.


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