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When it comes to sustainability, the smartphone industry isn’t really going above and beyond. Fairphone has always been at the forefront, and the launch of the new Fairphone 5 suggests the company is still trying to push the boundaries of just how “fair” a smartphone can be.

Sure, Fairphone may not make the most hi-specced phones on the market, and the Fairphone 5 is absolutely no exception. But if you’ve ever complained about how phone companies treat their customers, especially those that don’t upgrade to a new flagship every year or two, some of what Fairphone has to offer may sound very appealing.

If you want proper software support on your phone you’re better off going to Apple. The company tends to support its older devices for several years, long after they stop selling the devices. iOS 17, for example, is available for iPhones dating back to the 2018 iPhone XS — while older devices still get semi-regular security updates. Though the frequency of those updates depends on their age, and the severity of the problem they intend to fix.

Fairphone 5 front display

(Image credit: Fairphone)

Fairphone has taken that idea to its furthest extremes. The phone itself will come running Android 13, and is scheduled for five further full Android system updates after that — taking users to Android 18. Currently only Samsung Galaxy S and Google Pixel phones offer anything close to that, with both companies pledging to include four Android system updates to each new handset.

But it doesn’t stop there. Fairphone has also confirmed it will offer software support until at least 2031, but is hoping to be able to extend that to 2033. That means, no matter how things turn out, you’re guaranteed to get at least eight years of software support on your phone. Possibly even 10 years, if Fairphone gets its way.

fairphone 5dissassembled with all its parts

(Image credit: Fairphone)

The thing you have to wonder about is whether you’ll still have your phone by then. It’s rare that someone would keep using a smartphone for eight years, let alone a decade. But in this case it means you can afford to keep your phone for a much longer spell. Or, if you’re one to sell old handsets, or pass them onto friends and relatives, it means whomever inherits your device won’t have to worry about lost support.


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