Forget iPhone 15, Apple may bring a MASSIVE display for iPhone 16 TipTechBlog


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Forget iPhone 15, Apple may bring a MASSIVE display for iPhone 16 TipTechBlog

The Apple community is counting the days till September 12 rolls around when the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series is likely to be unveiled. This year, the Pro models are getting some big changes including a titanium frame, an Action button, a USB-C charging port, and a periscope lens for iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, a new leak regarding next year’s iPhone 16 has emerged that might make you put a pause on upgrading your device right now. The iPhone 16 series may feature micro-lens technology for its OLED panels to boost the brightness as well as power efficiency.

According to a report by The Elec, Apple’s major display suppliers, Samsung and LG, have both offered to apply micro-lens arrays (MLA) to the OLED panels used for iPhones starting next year. However, Apple is yet to make a decision. This decision can potentially be game-changing for iPhones, given the kind of improvement micro-lens can show.

MLA is a new technology that instead of increasing the actual brightness, which would require more energy production, increases the perceived brightness. MLA contains billions of lenses fitted inside the OLED panel. These lenses reduce the space to minimize the internal reflection of light. As a result, the light that went back due to reflection is now able to go through the panel and users find the display brighter. The result is higher peak brightness at lower energy consumption.

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But why has Apple not made a decision yet? Because it comes with its own cons.

Apple considering micro-lens arrays for its OLED panels

It has been observed in some use cases that while MLA increases frontal luminescence, it reduces the side luminescence. As a result, the display appears narrower and the field of vision shortens. While this can be fixed, the cost of production of MLA is also significantly higher, which can push Apple away.

As per the leak, there are other factors that complicate the situation. Both suppliers use different materials for their MLA-enabled OLED panels, and both fall short of Apple’s standards. It remains to be seen whether Apple gives a green light to this proposal by the suppliers or not.

It is being said that Apple’s decision will depend upon its assessment of whether the technology can improve between now and when the iPhone 16 series first goes into production. For now, all eyes are on the Apple event that’s scheduled for 9 days later.

Do note, all information shared here is based on leaks and rumors and nothing has come from any official sources. As such, do take it with a pinch of salt. For now, the focus is not on iPhone 16, it is squarely on iPhone 15 launch.

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