Google Pixel 8 Series may get 5 years of OS updates, more than Samsung | Digit TipTechBlog


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Google Pixel 8 Series may get 5 years of OS updates, more than Samsung  | Digit TipTechBlog

Google could finally begin providing five years of OS updates for their upcoming Pixel 8 series of smartphones. The folks over at 9to5Google have reported that Google could take the crown from Samsung for giving the most years of OS updates on the Android side of things. Software support usually comes down to the hands of smartphone OEMs, so even though Google owns Android, they were left behind in the software update race. 

Previous Pixel smartphones delivered three years of major OS updates and five years of security updates. This policy started in the Pixel 6 era in 2021. However, Samsung remained at the forefront since it was the only brand that committed to four years of software support for its phones. 

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Apple, on the other hand, was the overall leader offering six or more years of software updates for its iPhones! However, if the report is true, Google will finally beat out Samsung and get close to what Apple offers.

The Pixel 8 series to get more than three major OS updates; could even be five

The report by 9to5Google doesn’t mention five years of OS updates, so take this news with a pinch of salt. It does mention that the Pixel 8 series could beat out Samsung phones with its software support – which implies five years since Samsung phones already provide 4 years of OS updates. The company is planning to deliver extended software support for its devices with a Tensor processor. The news comes from one of 9to5Google’s sources, so there’s still no guarantee that this could actually pan out.

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If Google does go ahead with this, it will definitely make Pixel devices more appealing for purchase. Especially in India where even the budget Samsung phones are offering four major OS updates. More years of security updates mean the longevity of these new Pixel devices will be extended, which is always appreciated by users

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