'Have credible information': Trudeau doubles down on charges against India


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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday yet again levelled allegations that agents of the Indian government were involved in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing in Surrey.

“There are credible reasons to believe that agents of the government of India were involved in the killing of a Canadian on Canadian soil,” said Trudeau, referring to Nijjar as a ‘Canadian’, who was included in the list of designated terrorists by India.

He said that the remarks made by him on Monday were done with utmost seriousness, and that Canada has “credible information” on the involvement of Indian agents in Nijjar’s killing.

“Standing up for rule of law, highlighting how unacceptable it would be for any country to be involved in the killing of a citizen on their own home soil, is something we will continue to stand on,” said Trudeau.

He also said that he had a “direct and frank” conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the matter and has shared concerns with him.

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Published On:

Sep 21, 2023



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