Lyrica Anderson Defends Erica Mena’s “Monkey” Comment, Van Lathan Calls Her “Vile” TipTechBlog


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Erica Mena has recently been under fire for using a racial slur against Spice on an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The two of them got into it, and it’s safe to say that things were taken too far. When Spice made a comment about Mena’s family life, she fired back by calling her a “blue monkey.” This has resulted in a great deal of backlash for the personality, and has even led to her being removed from the next season of the show.

The reality star has been hit with a lot of criticism for her use of the slur. Van Lathan also spoke on the incident recently, claiming that it showcases an “anti-Black attitude.” He broke down his take, explaining that her “proximity to Blackness” doesn’t excuse her for having having racist tendencies. “Erica Mena called Spice a ‘monkey,’” Lathan also said. “That is an anti-Black slur, meant to dehumanize Black women, Black people. Until further notice, Erica Mena is a vile, racist woman.”

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Lyrica Anderson Speaks On Erica Mena’s Use Of A Slur

Though Mena has been facing her fair share of criticism for using the slur, others have come to her defense. Recently, Lyrica Anderson took to social media to share her own thoughts on the situation. She seemed to claim that Mena didn’t really do anything wrong. Anderson’s take is that when people get heated in an argument, they’re not thinking about what is and isn’t appropriate to say. “It’s like rules to arguing now,” she says. “Are you really thinking about how to argue with somebody when you’re mad mad?”

Amid the controversy, some social media users have dug up old reports about a similar incident that allegedly took place in 2015. A club promoter had come forward, alleging that Mena called her and members of her staff “Black, broke, monkeys.” Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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