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This App Topped the “Most Deleted App” List in 2023


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Instagram has been crowned the Most Deleted App of the year.

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In a world dominated by digital connectivity, social media apps have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, shaping how we communicate, share, and consume information. Despite their widespread usage, the dynamics of the social media landscape underwent a significant transformation in 2023, leading to some surprising shifts in user preferences and behaviors.

The Social Media Paradox

As the global count of social media users soared to approximately 4.8 billion, an intriguing paradox emerged. While the number of users continued to rise, the loyalty and engagement levels of users on certain platforms experienced a sharp decline. Reports suggest that users, on average, interact with six to seven different platforms each month, dedicating around two hours and 24 minutes per day to their virtual social spaces.

Understanding the Research

To unravel the reasons behind this shift, researchers at TRG Datacentres conducted a comprehensive study. They focused on the nine most popular social networks globally, as reported by By analyzing search queries for ‘how to delete (my) account’ over 12 months, alongside the user base of each app, the researchers gauged the inclination towards deleting specific platforms.

The results were illuminating:

  • Instagram: 1,020,000 searches
  • Snapchat: 128,500 searches
  • Twitter: 12,300 searches
  • Telegram: 71,700 searches
  • Facebook: 49,000 searches
  • TikTok: 24,900 searches
  • YouTube: 12,500 searches
  • WhatsApp: 4,950 searches
  • WeChat: 2,090 searches

Shifting Sands: A Landscape in Flux

The reasons for this mass exodus are multifaceted and complex. Chris Hinkle, Chief Technical Officer at TRG Datacenters, aptly describes it as a “dynamic shift in user priorities,” a demand for platforms that feel more authentic and cater to evolving needs.

Factors Fueling the Fire:

  • Ad fatigue: Users are increasingly bombarded with advertisements, diluting the organic experience and turning feeds into glorified shopping malls.
  • Influencer overload: The rise of influencer culture has blurred the lines between genuine connection and thinly veiled brand promotions, breeding cynicism and a sense of inauthenticity.
  • Algorithm anxieties: The opaque and ever-changing Instagram algorithm leaves users feeling like outsiders in their own feeds, struggling to reach their audiences and connect with their communities.
  • Mental health concerns: Studies have linked excessive social media use, particularly platforms like Instagram, with negative impacts on mental health, especially among young users.

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A Wake Up Call For Social Media Platfroms

Instagram’s dethronement serves as a wake-up call for all social media platforms. It’s a stark reminder that user loyalty is not a given, and that catering solely to algorithms and monetization can backfire spectacularly.

While a million uninstalls per month may not cause immediate alarm for a platform with over 2 billion users, it paints a worrying picture for the future. If the exodus continues, it could spell doom for a platform that once defined digital photo-sharing.

The Rise and Fall of Meta’s Threads App

Meta’s Threads app, which garnered a staggering 100 million users within five days of its launch in July 2023, experienced an unexpected downturn. According to TRG Datacentres, the app witnessed an alarming 80% drop in daily active users. This decline prompted the tech firm to conduct a thorough survey on popular social media apps that struggled to maintain relevance throughout the year.

Instagram Takes the Hit of Most Deleted App

The pinnacle of this transformation was marked by Instagram, a photo-sharing application under Meta’s umbrella, experiencing a remarkable distinction as the most deleted app of 2023. A staggering number of users, totaling 1,020,000 globally, sought ways to part ways with the platform. This trend points to a paradigm shift in user priorities, signaling a demand for platforms that resonate authentically and cater to evolving needs, as noted by Chris Hinkle, Chief Technical Officer at TRG Datacentres.

Instagram’s Downfall: Ads, Influencers, and User Discontent

Instagram, once the reigning champion of photo-sharing apps, faced a decline attributed to various factors. The influx of advertisements, influencers turning it into a promotional space, and a perceived departure from its original essence may have contributed to user discontent. Despite maintaining over 2 billion users globally, the continuous monthly exodus of a million users contemplating deletion poses a potential threat to the app’s future.

Snapchat’s Struggle in the Face of Gen Z

Snapchat, a platform popular among Generation Z since its launch in 2011, witnessed around 130,000 users monthly searching for ways to delete their accounts. This indicates a notable discontent among users, raising questions about the platform’s ability to meet the evolving needs and expectations of its user base.

Conclusion: Most Deleted App of 2023

The landscape of social media is ever-evolving, and the events of 2023 underscored the volatility of user preferences. Instagram’s position as the most deleted app signifies a demand for authenticity and relevance. Social media platforms must navigate these shifting seas by adapting to user expectations, fostering genuine connections, and addressing the concerns that lead users to contemplate leaving. As we move forward, the fate of social media apps lies in their ability to innovate, resonate, and stay true to the essence that users seek in their digital havens.

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