7 arrested for transporting beef in Karnataka, Hindu group torches car


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Seven people were arrested on Sunday for illegally transporting beef near Karnataka’s Doddaballapur after workers of the Sri Ram Sena intercepted them. Around 18 tonnes of beef were recovered from six vehicles, said police.

The Sri Ram Sena workers intercepted the vehicles which were transporting the beef near a tourist spot in Doddaballapur. After finding beef in the vehicles, the Sena workers torched a car which was part of the convoy.

Police arrived at the site and arrested the seven people who were illegally transporting beef and also 14 others for setting the car, a Tata Indica, on fire.

The Bengaluru Rural Superintendent of Police said Sri Ram Sena workers stopped the vehicles at around 5.30 am on Sunday and started abusing the people who were driving. The six vehicles included a Tata Indica car and multiple pickup trucks.

Sundaresh Nagaral, the General Secretary of the Sri Ram Sena in Doddaballpura asked why members of the group were arrested. He also alleged that the police officer at the tollgate allowed the vehicles carrying the beef to go through. He demanded that the district administration visit the site to amp up the vigilance.

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Sep 25, 2023



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