New Diablo 4 patch goes live this week — here’s everything you need to know TipTechBlog


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Diablo IV Season 1 is slowly winding down, and with Season 2 not set to arrive until mid-October, fans may be wondering what Blizzard has planned for its best-selling dungeon-crawling action RPG in the meantime. This week Blizzard announced a new patch that should make it easier for players to grind to level 100 before the next season. 

Update 1.1.4 rolls out on September 12 with several incremental updates, bug fixes and other tweaks. Most importantly, it adds an XP buff for the Urn of Aggression Season Blessing, increasing the amount of experience earned from killing monsters from 8% to 20%. Blizzard laid it all out in the update’s patch notes this week, explaining that this increase in XP earned should help players reach level 100 a bit faster before Season 2 starts on October 17.


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