Sunday, February 25, 2024

PM Modi Revealed 8 New Trains, Including Vande Bharat and Amrit Bharat Express!


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Get ready for a train odyssey, India! Prime Minister Modi is flagging off 8 brand new trains today, making travel faster, smoother, and more accessible for everyone. Buckle up, because this journey has two exciting tracks:

6 New Super-Fast Vande Bharat Train:

  • Six lightning-fast Vande Bharat trains are joining the fleet, offering comfortable AC chair car travel at speeds of up to 160 kmph.
  • These modern trains are already popular on several routes across India, and now they’ll be connecting even more destinations.

Train Routes of New Vande Bharat Express

  1. Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra – New Delhi Vande Bharat Express
  2. Amritsar – Delhi Junction Vande Bharat Express
  3. Coimbatore – Bengaluru Vande Bharat Express
  4. Jalna – Mumbai (CSMT) Vande Bharat Express
  5. Ayodhya – Anand Vihar Terminal Delhi Vande Bharat Express
  6. Mangaluru – Madgaon Goa Vande Bharat Express

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2 New and Budget-Friendly Amrit Bharat Express:

  • Get ready for a new train experience with the launch of two Amrit Bharat Express trains, designed for the common man’s needs and comfort.
  • These trains will be non-air conditioned but spacious, with second-class unreserved and sleeper coaches.
  • They’ll also be faster than regular trains, with a push-pull technology pushing them to speeds of up to 130 kmph.

Train Route For New Amrit Bharat Express

  • Darbhanga to Anand Vihar Terminal in Delhi via Ayodhya Amrit Bharat Express
  • Malda Town to Bengaluru (Sir M. Visvesvaraya Terminal) Amrit Bharat Express

Key Features of the Amrit Bharat Express:

  1. Push-Pull Technology for Swifter Journeys:
    • Equipped with a powerful WAP5 locomotive boasting 6,000 HP at each end, the Amrit Bharat Express employs push-pull technology. This innovative approach ensures faster acceleration and deceleration, ultimately reducing overall travel time.
  2. Thoughtful Coach Composition:
    • The train comprises 22 coaches, including eight general second-class coaches for unreserved passengers, 12 second-class 3-tier sleeper coaches, and two guard compartments. A well-thought-out arrangement for a diverse range of travelers.
  3. Enhanced Comfort and Amenities:
    • Passengers are in for a treat with improved cushioned luggage racks, ergonomically designed seats and berths, and mobile chargers featuring suitable holders. Noteworthy additions include zero-discharge FRP modular toilets, aerosol-based fire suppression systems, and radium illumination flooring strips for safety and convenience.
  4. Swift Speeds for Efficient Travel:
    • With a maximum permissible speed of 130 kilometers per hour, the Amrit Bharat Express promises swift journeys connecting Ayodhya to Darbhanga in Bihar and Malda in West Bengal to Bengaluru. Efficiency meets comfort seamlessly.
  5. Eye-Catching Design and Seating Arrangements:
    • Sporting an attractive color scheme of orange and grey, the train is designed to catch the eye. The seating arrangements are crafted to prioritize passenger comfort throughout the journey.

Why is this a big deal?

  • It shows Modi’s commitment to boosting India’s railway network and connecting various cities.
  • The Vande Bharats bring luxury travel closer to everyone, while the Amrit Bharats cater to everyday needs.
  • This launch marks a fresh start for 2024, promising more convenient and speedy journeys for all!

Wrapping Up: PM Modi’s Surprise Gift

This is a big step forward for Indian Railways, offering a wider range of travel options for everyone. Whether you’re looking for speed and comfort with Vande Bharat or affordability and convenience with Amrit Bharat, there’s something for you!

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