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Noname says that she feels “free” following the release of her latest album, Sundial. She reflected on the response to the album and how she’s dealt with it during a lengthy post on Instagram, Friday.

“Thank you everyone who ever supported me!” she wrote while sharing a selfie. “Sundial and my online presence over the past few years has turned a lot of people off me and that’s completely understandable. although many fans stop supporting with this new record, i just want you to know i’m truly appreciative for the times you did! i’ll forever be grateful for love, even if it’s temporary.”

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Noname In Concert

She continued: “Some critics say sundial is brilliant and i’m incredible. others say it’s trash and i’m a horrible person. maybe both are true. maybe none of it is true. not sure but i feel free! being financially dependent on fan approval has always felt like a trap. i’m free from that now and it feels so good can’t wait to see the 3 fans i have left on tour lol. i got vinyl made just for y’all”

Noname On The Response To “Sundial”

Among the many complaints that fans have had with Sundial is that Jay Electronica’s contribution is “antisemitic.” In response to the backlash, Noname refused to apologize for a verse she didn’t write. In the lyrics, Electronica voices support for Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, while calling Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “joke,” and more. “Everywhere I step foot I leave a trail of names. Of the sons of Yakub, in a trail of flames. I’m on fire, I’m plugged in directly to Messiah. I run with the mighty ‘Khan as we expose the liars,” he raps. “And some fuckboy eighty-fiver come run up and press me. It’s all a hoax, quite simple, a joke like Zelenskyy. The Imams, the Rabbis, and the Pope, incidentally. Couldn’t stop my boca from quotin’ quotes from the senseis.”

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