Plasmonic PHOLED is the next big thing in OLED TVs — what you need to know TipTechBlog


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When it comes to the best TVs you’re typically picking between OLED TVs and LED TVs, which are making a strong case for contention thanks to new QLED and MiniLED display panels with insane brightness. But for now, it’s still OLED displays that top our list.

This battle for producing the best TV means that OLED and LED manufacturers need to work on new technologies. I recently sat down with Universal Display (UDC) Vice President Dr. Michael Hack and we got into a wide-ranging discussion about OLED displays and future technological advancements. We started discussing UDC’s role in the growing foldable and rollable display market, which OLED is well suited for thanks to its natural flexibility, and then we got into new technologies like PHOLED, which could improve power efficiency in OLED displays by a significant margin. 

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