Priyanka Chopra Did The Nicest Thing For Stuntwoman Who Bought “Fake Ticket” To Beyonce Concert


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Priyanka Chopra Did The Nicest Thing For Stuntwoman Who Bought 'Fake Ticket' To Beyonce Concert

Image Instagrammed by Anisha Tee Gibbs. (Courtesy:ANISHA TEE GIBBS)

New Delhi:

Did you know Priyanka Chopra invited stuntwoman-actress Anisha Tee Gibbs to Beyonce’s London concert? Well, she actually did. Anisha, in her latest Instagram entry, has revealed that Priyanka invited her to the Renaissance World Tour concert after she “purchased a fake ticket.” Anisha wrote, “Did I mention I went to go see Beyonce in London? Well, I attempted to buy a ticket to go see Beyonce and long story short… I purchased a fake ticket. I told this story to Priyanka Chopra and two days later she invited me to go see Beyonce with her.” Sharing her experience, Anisha added, “I would just like to say Thank you so much again! Hanging out in Jayz VIP box and getting the ultimate Beyonce experience was breathtaking. And being able to see some of my friends perform was amazing!” The London concert took place on June 4.

Anisha Tee Gibbs has also shared some pictures and videos from the Beyonce concert on Instagram. In one of the slides, we get a glimpse of Anisha and Priyanka Chopra posing for a selfie. From Beyonce setting the stage on fire to Anisha and Priyanka vibing to the music, the album screams fun from miles away. 

Priyanka Chopra, in her post that was shared a day after the Beyonce concert, said that she was “so glad you [Anisha Tee Gibbs] could finally see it.” Priyanka also shared a picture with Anisha. Priyanka also treated her fans to a short clip of Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy performing at the event. Priyanka was joined by her mother Madhu Chopra and friend Tamanna Dutt. 

Priyanka Chopra, in her note, also thanked her husband Nick Jonas for the “memorable night.” Her caption read, “I dream it, I work hard. I grind ’til I own it, I twirl on them haters – Beyoncé. Damn! What a woman and what a night. With my main girls Tamanna and Madhu Chopra. So glad you could finally see it, Anisha Tee Gibbs. #BlueIvy was an amazing dancer we’re on fire. Thank you JayZ and Queen Beyonce for the incredible hospitality. Thank you, Nick Jonas, for the most memorable night! Love you, baby.”

Priyanka Chopra was last seen in the Russo Brothers’ Citadel. 


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