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From Blockbuster to Blockbuster: Salaar’s Rs 179 Crore Global Debut Dominance!


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Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire, the action-packed Prabhas starrer, made a grand entrance at the box office, setting a new record for the biggest Indian film opening of the year! On its first day, December 22nd, 2023, Salaar raked in a whopping Rs 90 crore in India alone! That’s a massive sum, equivalent to over $10 million USD.

This impressive collection surpassed the previous record held by Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan, which opened at Rs 75 crore. It also outshone other big-budget releases like Vijay’s Leo and Rajinikanth’s Jailer.

Salaar’s global debut wasn’t too shabby either, collecting a cool Rs 178.7 crore (approximately $21 million USD) on day one. This is significantly higher than the Rs 140 crore that Prabhas’ previous film, Adipurush, grossed globally on its opening day.

Day 1 Collection Breakdown:

  • India: A massive Rs 90 crore across all languages! This includes:
    • Telugu: The film dominated its home turf, raking in a whopping Rs 70 crore in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone. 🇮🇳
    • Hindi: Salaar also made a strong impact in the Hindi belt, collecting around Rs 16 crore.
    • Other languages: The remaining crores came from other regional languages like Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.
  • Worldwide: The action-thriller went even further, grossing an estimated Rs 178.7 crore on its opening day! This includes collections from overseas markets like the US, UK, and the Middle East.

Salaar box office collectionDay 2

Salaar’s box office collection on day 2 in India saw a noticeable decline compared to its opening day. According to early estimates, the film earned approximately Rs 18 crore nett in India, a drop of around 35-40% from its day 1 collection of Rs 30 crore nett. The film’s Hindi version also witnessed a drop in earnings, collecting around Rs 4 crore nett on day 2.

Worldwide Earnings 

Despite the drop in domestic collections, Salaar’s global earnings remain strong. The film’s overseas collections have been particularly impressive, with early estimates suggesting that it has already crossed Rs 100 crore in overseas markets. This brings the film’s total worldwide earnings to approximately Rs 230 crore after just two days of its release.

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Factors Affecting the Drop

 Several factors may have contributed to the drop in Salaar’s box office collection on day 2. One factor could be the mixed reviews from critics, with some expressing disappointment with the film’s screenplay and direction. Additionally, the film’s release coincided with the start of the Navratri festival in India, which may have affected footfall in theaters.

Expectations for Day 3 and Beyond 

Despite the drop on day 2, trade analysts remain optimistic about Salaar’s box office prospects. The film is expected to witness a resurgence in collections on day 3, driven by positive word-of-mouth and the holiday factor. With strong overseas earnings and a loyal fan base, Salaar is likely to cross the Rs 250 crore mark in worldwide earnings today.

While Salaar’s box office collection on day 2 saw a drop, the film’s overall performance remains strong. With positive word-of-mouth and a loyal fan base, the film is expected to bounce back and continue its successful run at the box office. Salaar’s performance is a testament to Prabhas’ star power and the enduring appeal of action-thriller films in India and overseas markets.

After facing some setbacks with movies like Saaho, Radhe Shyam, and Adipurush, Salaar becomes a ray of hope for Prabhas and his fans. Following the massive success of the Baahubali series, Prabhas is back on track. His next project, Kalki 2898 AD, is said to be the most expensive Indian film ever. He’s also set to charm audiences in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Spirit and will reprise his role in a second Salaar installment.

As the story of Salaar unfolds, Prabhas is on the brink of a triumphant comeback, proving that his star power is not just alive but shining brighter than ever in the world of Indian cinema.

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