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Incidents of theft of premium smartphones are common these days, but there are some bizarre cases that can really shock and awe at the same time. An incident that has captured the attention of Chinese social media is all about the theft of an iPhone 14 Plus from a store. While iPhone thefts are not uncommon, what sets this case apart is the thief’s unusual method: she actually chewed through the device’s anti-theft cable with just her teeth! Talk about desire and desperation!

The iPhone 14 Plus theft

According to a report by Tom’s Hardware, the events unfolded at a phone store in southeastern China, where the culprit entered the store. She casually browsed through the store’s various items and then focused on the smartphone section. It appeared as though she was innocently examining the iPhone display whenever someone passed by. However, security camera footage later revealed her true intentions.

When no one was watching, the woman started chewing the anti-theft cable securing the iPhone 14 Plus. Miraculously, se managed to do so! It was something unimaginable. Having detached the device, the woman left the shop. It wasn’t long before the store’s staff noticed the missing smartphone and the disconnected cable, prompting them to call the police.

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However, the woman was not able to enjoy the purloined iPhone 14 Plus for long as she was arrested just 30 minutes later.

What makes this story even more intriguing is the culprit’s explanation to the police. She reportedly stated that her initial intention was to purchase a new smartphone after losing her previous one. However, when she saw the sticker price of the iPhone 14 Plus, which stood at a hefty 7,000 yuan (approximately US$960), she became desperate. In a moment of desperation, she decided to steal the store’s demo sample.

However, the theft will cost her plenty and we are not even alluding to her arrest. Chewing through an anti-theft cable, which is made of reinforced metal wire filaments, caused extensive damage to her teeth!

This unusual theft case serves as a reminder of the lengths some individuals may go to obtain premium electronic devices, even if it means choosing unconventional and potentially harmful methods.


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