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When it comes to the world of the NBA, there have been many players who have indulged in making music. Overall, there are some talented individuals who have done this. For instance, you have the likes of Allen Iverson, Shaq, Damian Lillard, Stephen Jackson, and even Kobe Bryant. However, these athletes have had varying degrees of success when it comes to rapping. We even outlined the history of this phenomenon in a piece simply called Rap Or Go To The League.

That said, there has long been a debate centered around who is the best NBA rapper of all-time. In the contemporary era of the NBA, most would look toward Damian Lillard. However, those who know the history would likely say Shaq. After all, Shaq was a pioneer in this space. He dropped numerous albums in the 90s, and they all did very well commercially. Recently, Snoop Dogg weighed in on the debate, and as it turns out, he did, indeed, pick Shaq.

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Snoop Dogg Makes His Pick

“@shaq greatest NBA rapper of all time,” Snoop said simply. Overall, this is a pretty good choice. After all, Snoop was killing it in the 90s when Shaq would have been dropping his albums. At this point, the NBA legend has built up quite the resume in music. However, these days, he is mostly focused on his job as a DJ. He even dropped a new album that is filled with songs that will have fans reminiscing about the dubstep days. Regardless, fans still remember his contributions to rap and just how influential they were.

This upcoming season, we will get to see Shaq on Inside The NBA throughout the National Basketball Association campaign. With Charles Barkley by his side, the show will continue to be a lot of fun. That said, let us know your thoughts on Snoop Dogg’s take, in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from around the sports and music worlds.

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