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Steve Harvey and his wife have found their names in headlines much more than they probably expected recently. They celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary back in July and things seemed pretty great at the time. But since then it’s been a series of controversies all spawning from one particular viral tweet. The tweet suggested that Harvey and Marjorie Harvey were hitting a rough patch and even implied that she had cheated on the TV personality. While those rumors were debunked rather quickly drama has still followed the pair for weeks since.

That controversy combined with another negative tweet made from his own account caused Harvey to have to speak out. He shared a message apologizing for the post and claiming that due to both incidents he had fired someone from his social media team. He probably expected the stories to stop then, but they haven’t. Just a day later he was forced to provide a comment on the infidelity rumors about his wife. “I don’t know what y’all doing, but find something else to do, ’cause we fine,” the comedian said.

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Steve Harvey Stands Up For His Wife Again

Now in a new clip, Steve Harvey is once again sticking up for his wife. This time he is defending her from allegations that she had something to do with the downfall of his previous marriage. He tells the full story of how they met entirely independently of the decline of his first marriage. “She didn’t steal nothing,” he declares after telling the full story. “And I’m tired of y’all talkin’ bout my girl. Cause my girl is one of the best women I’ve ever met.”

These comments seem to be in response to the newest controversy for the couple. That spawned from a leaked recording from radio host Shirley Strawberry which shared some details on the couple’s personal life. She quickly apologized and denied the claims afterward but some of the damage had already been done. What do you think of Steve Harvey’s newest statement expressing anger over headlines about his wife? Let us know in the comment section below.

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