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50+ Best Solo Ads Providers in 2022

The Keys to Identifying Top Class Solo Ad Providers

best solo ads providers
Looking for the best solo ads provider? Well, you are in a good space. In this post, you will not only find 50+ professional solo ad sellers but also ways to filter the best-performing solo ad sellers.

Solo ads have become a great way of driving leads to a website. They not only help you build a powerful email list, but also promote your business. They are highly cost-effective and efficient way to roll out promotions to the targeted audience.

For those who think email marketing is dead, we would like to share some magical numbers with you. As per a study, more than 4 billion people in the world are using email as their primary source of communication. Using solo ads, you can target that audience and promote your business.

However, purchasing solo ads from just about any resource will not solve your problems. You need a trustworthy source that provides legit traffic. There are plenty of bogus ad providers available on the internet who scam people in the name of providing high quality traffic at low price. So, you need to do deep research before taking any decision.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best and legit solo ads providers and the platforms they use for selling these ads. 

For those of you who are new to this and do not have much knowledge, we will start by describing what solo ads actually are. So, let’s dive in.

Things we will Cover in this Post are-

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What Are Solo Ads?

Solo Ads are nothing but a method of one-to-one email marketing advertisement. In this method, personalised ads of a product or service are directly sent to people in bulk via text messages or mail. It is a very convenient way to promote your product or service to a highly targeted audience.

Numerous Internet marketers use solo ad traffic for A/B testing of their checkout pages created on Clickfunnels, ClickBank, JvZoo, WarriorPlus, ThriveCart, etc.! While some people use solo ad traffic for affiliate marketing. The majority of people who are buying solo ads use the traffic to build an email list of elite subscribers. 

How Solo Ads Work?

Promoting any product through a solo ad is very simple. All you have to do is find a prominent solo ads vendors and share your product with him. He will promote your product with his audience and, in return, he will charge you for this work. Its super easy. Right!

Well you didn’t get it, you can checkout the step by step guide-How solo ads work?

  • First of all, you have to find a solo ad marketplace and sign up.
  • Create a profile on the platform and fill in all the details.
  • Next, you have to find the best solo ads sellers, to find them you can use multiple filters or compare them side by side.
  • Once you find an ideal one, make a decision how much traffic you want to order.
  • Pay him and share your product or service link that you want to promote.
  • In the Final step the seller will deliver the traffic to your link.

Right now, a wide variety of solo ad marketplaces are available on the internet, like Udimi and Soloadsmarketplace. However, we recommend you to use Udimi for this purpose. You may ask why!

Well, it is one of the largest and most trustworthy sources from where you can buy solo ads. The best part about Udimi is that they provide world class customer support 24*7.


Necessary Tools That Every Solo Ads Buyers Must Use.

Before starting solo ads trading, you must have the necessary tools. They will help you organise and streamline your work and allow you to track campaigns and ads.

The most important thing that you require for solo ads marketing is a powerful landing page. This is the place where you will send all the traffic. People will land on this page and you will collect their email addresses. To create beautiful landing pages, you need a reliable and efficient tool.

For this cause, Click Funnels has got your back as it allows you to create the most stunning landing pages possible. This tool is trusted by more than 108.3K users globally. It features a simple drag-and-drop editor for your webpage along with a one-click smart shopping cart.

Key Features

  • Keep track of your visitors, even after they leave the website.
  • This tool provides a step-by-step user guide to its customers, helping them to easily operate it.


They offer two plans, including the basic “click funnels” plan and “the Platinum plan”. The former one costs $97 per month, whereas, the latter one costs $297 per month.

Best Alternative

Leadpages and Kartra

For tracking your campaigns and clicks, you need a reliable tool. A tool that make sure that you are getting legit clicks from your seller. And to do so, you need to have a powerful traffic tracker otherwise, your money will just go down the drain. Only a good click tracking software can track the quality of solo ad traffic, it’s conversion rates, etc.

And for this, you can trust on ClickMagic. It is one of the most reliable traffic trackers where you can keep a track of all your necessary marketing metrics. 

Key Features

  • It allows cross-device tracking so no matter on which device people open your website, it will track and record it.
  • Its advanced “multi-touch” attribution provides you with a deep insight into your market performance.
  • It helps you monitor sales funnel conversion rates.
  • You can easily track and identify which solo ad provider’s traffic is giving you the highest EPC and ROI


They offer a free trial for 14 days on all accounts. Whereas, the cost of paid plans ranges from $37 to $197.

Best Alternative

Voluum and Clickmeter

  • Do you want to convert all your visitors into leads effortlessly? If your answer is yes, then you should start using Convertful. It is one of the greatest tools for optimizing the performance of your solo ads campaign.

    It is an all-in-one web service that delivers you modern on-site solutions for conversion and offers the simplest installation process for WordPress. The auto-segmentation feature of this tool conveniently increases the sales conversion rate. You can also create on-site survey widgets to learn more about your visitors.

    Key Features

    • It can integrate with all the major email marketing tools including ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and more.
    • It converts visitors by providing mobile-friendly opt-in forms.


    They offer 3,000 pageviews on their free forever plan. They also offer three paid plans: Blogger, Growth, and Agency, which cost $19/month, $79/month, and $199/month, respectively.

What if we tell you that there is a tool that can generate a viral loop for the lead generation funnels of your website? Yes, that is exactly what UpViral does to significantly increase the email opt-ins and decrease the Cost PL.

It allows you to create rewarding campaigns and attach them to the funnels of your solo ads marketing. This way, you can track the conversion rates of every solo ad.

Key features

  • With the help of the fully-featured Sweepstakes of UpViral, you can stir up a fever of new referrals and social shares.
  • The viral waitlist feature of this tool can build a customer base for you even before you launch your website.


You can use it for only $1 for 14 days. There starter plan start from $79 per month. However, the Business and Premium plans cost $119/month and $299/month respectively.

Before we tell you the name of the 50+ best solo ads sellers, we would like to tell you about the best marketplace where you can find the top solo ads sellers. Yes, we are talking about Udimi, the un excelled marketplace for trading solo ads. It houses more than a hundred trustworthy solo ads sellers and thousands of buyers from all around the world. It is the one-stop solutions for all the affiliate and online marketers.

Whether you are looking for a platform that has the best customer supporting team, a cost-effective platform, or a platform that is ethical and truthful, Udimi holds the crown in all of these areas. It helps you strengthen and expand your business tremendously. Whether you are a buyer or seller on Udimi, the rules are the same for both. And they make sure to provide equally good services to both parties. You can never receive bogus or bot traffic via Udimi. And if by chance you do, they make sure to compensate you for the same.

An unmatched feature of Udimi is that they let you compare the profiles of all the solo ads seller side by side. So, you can differentiate and choose the one that suits your requirements the most. You can filter the list of sellers by their prices, ratings, and more.

How Does Udimi Marketplace Work?

The working manner of Udimi is quite simple. If you are a buyer, you just have to select the seller, choose the number of clicks you want to buy, place the order, pay for it, and that’s it. You will receive your clicks in the specific date. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Well If you are a seller, who have a elite list of email subscribers and want to earn from it then you can register yourself as a solo ads seller with Udimi. Once you complete the registration process you can start fulfilling the requirements of your client and receive your payment.

The Key Features of Udimi

Up until now, we told you about Udimi solo ads and how it work. Now, let’s find out some of the key features of Udimi that make it market leader in solo ads marketplace.

  • Udimi uses powerful tools to filter the fake/bot clicks . Udimi ensures that its customers receive receive 100% human traffic and not bot clicks.
  • Udimi provides a protection policy to its buyers which save them from scammers and money loss.
  • They are extremely careful while picking the ad sellers. The Solo ads sellers have to take a test and pass it before joining the platform as a seller.
  • They also provide great solo ads for affiliate marketers, allowing them to expand their business remarkably.
  • They also offer affiliate programs to the customers. You will earn 15% commission for promoting their product.
  • Their prime membership plan costs $ 15/per month. The Prime membership gives you access to some of their very powerful tools that allow you to track everything.
  • The customer support system of Udimi is highly reliable and provides 24/7 service for its customers. So, you can trust them to rescue you whenever you face an issue.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Udimi Solo Ads

  • Has an easy-to-use interface
  • Exceptionally great solo ad deals
  • Provides filtered traffic
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Traffic available in various niches

Cons of Udimi Solo Ads

  • Hard to pick the right vendors

Secret Tips to Find the Best Solo Ads Sellers

  • Finding it difficult to search an authentic solo ads seller?

    If that is the case, we are here to rescue you. All you need to do is follow this simple step-by-step guide to find the best solo ads vendor.

    • First of all, you need to visit and sign-up. Just fill in all the basic details such as your name, email id etc.
    • After you complete the sign-up process, head over to main menu and search for  Forum”,  option.
  • Click on it and scroll down a bit, you will see an option called Udimi Hall of Fame. You have to click on that option.
  • Once you do this, a list of the top 10 solo ads sellers will appear before you. The sellers on this list are top-rated and legit. Only best solo ad sellers can get there name in this list.
udimi top solo ads seller
  • Before every ad seller, you can see important metrics like the number of solos sold, the number of visitors sent, etc. For example, Daniel Huppertz is on top and has been on top for the last 10 months in a row. He has sold 4367+ solos and has sent over 8,58,708+ visitors.
Daniel Huppertz - solo ads seller on Udimi
  • You can click on the profile of the seller you like and check out their entire profile. Their rating and reviews will also be visible to you.
solo ads seller on Udimi (3)

How To Find Top Tier Solo Ads Sellers?

Do you want to promote you product/service with only Top Tier traffic? If that’s  the case then you should use this trick to find the Top Tier Solo ad sellers.

  • Log in to your Udimi account, and head over to top menu where you will find an option called Find Sellers, click on that option.
Udimi solo ads for 50 visitors at price $2
  • Multiple filters will appear on your screen. Using all these filters, you can find your ideal solo ad seller easily.
  • Let’s start with the price filter. Using this filter, you can set the maximum price limit for a solo ad. For example, if you want to buy an affordable solo ad, then you can set the maximum price at $0.80. Now you will only see solo ads from sellers who are offering them at $0.80 or less.
  • The next filter is niche. Using this filter, you can sort out solo sellers as per their niche. For example, if you want to promote Cryptocurrency, you can choose the Crypto niche.
  • Next we have the rating filter. You can decide how many positive ratings the solo ad vendor must have. For example, if you want solo ad vendors with at least 400+ positive ratings, then you have to select the 400+ ratings option.
Udimi solo ads for 50 visitors at price $0.8 only with sales
  • Next is the Got Sale filter, which is one of the most useful filters. Using this filter, you can sort out all the solo ad vendors whose solo ads perform extremely well and generate some sales for their customers. You can decide the percentage from dope down, like 30%, 40%, etc.The higher the sales percentage, the better they will perform. 
  • Repeat order is also a very powerful filter. Using this filter, you can sort all the sellers who have gotten repeat orders from their customers. Note: If someone is hiring him again, it means the seller is giving him good results.
  • Next we have Main Traffic Source filter which is the most powerful filter of all. Using this filter, you can target the audience of a specific country or nation. If you are not sure of your target audience, then you can select the Top Tier Traffic option.
  •  The list of the best solo ads seller will appear who deliver tier 1 traffic with a Got Sale ratio of 50%.

After using all these filters, you will get a list like this. Now you can compare them side by side and decide to pick the one that suits your requirements.

Udimi solo ads for 50 visitors at price $0.8 only with sales (1) (1)

Best Solo Ads Providers on Udimi

#1 Brandon Sean

  • ⭐ 2,118 Positive ratings ⭐
  • 😎 90% reported sales
  • ✅27% Repeat Order
  • ✅100% TOP-TIER Traffic (US,UK,CA,AU,NZ )
  • ✅10 % -20% Over-delivery for sure
  • ✅A full squeeze page & Funnel Review
  • ✅SPECIAL 1: If you spend over $250 on a single order then you will get FREE Custom ad text.
  • ✅SPECIAL 2: If you order 500 clicks & Above you will get over 100- pre-written emails
  • ✅SPECIAL 3: If you order 1000 clicks you will get a special surprise.

#2 Daniel Huppertz

  • ⭐ 4397 Positive ratings
  • 😎 0% Negative Rating
  • ⭐52% reported sales
  • ⭐21% Repeat Order
  • ✅ Hall of Fame member, 22 awards
  • ✅ 92% TOP-TIER Traffic
  • ✅22% Repeat Orders
  • ✅10 % Over-delivery for sure
  • ✅Topper of Hall of Fame
  • ✅ Won 14 awards
  • ✅Trusted by 8,500+ Customers 

#3 Maurizio Pace

Maurizio Pace
  • ⭐ 3172 Positive ratings ⭐
  • 😎 69% reported sales
  • ✅26% Repeat Order
  • ✅ 97+% TOP TIER TRAFFIC Guaranteed (US / UK / CA / AU / NZ)
  • ✅10 % -20% Over-delivery GUARANTEED
  • ✅100% MMO/IM/MLM/BIZOPP Targeted Clicks
  • ✅FREE Professional AD COPY

#4 Indulis Staskiewicz

  • ⭐😎 3703 Positive ratings
  • ⭐88% reported sales
  • ✅99% TOP-TIER Traffic
  • ✅22% Repeat Orders
  • ✅5 % Over-delivery for sure
  • ✅Hall of Fame member, and won 14 awards

#5 Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson
  • ⭐ 3608 Positive ratings ⭐
  • 😎 80% reported sales
  • ✅22% Repeat Order
  • ✅ 97% Top Tier Traffic
  • ✅10 % Over-delivery
  • ✅FREE funnel and landing page review
  • ✅Traffic suitable for MLM, Bizop, Crypto, Make money online

#6 Khaled Ibrahim

  • ⭐😎 2203 Positive ratings
  • ⭐77% reported sales
  • ✅18% Repeat Order
  • ✅97% TOP-TIER Traffic
  • ✅22% Repeat Orders
  • ✅5 % Over-delivery for sure

List of 50+ Best Solo Ads Providers



Andreea Carol

Buy Solo Ads

Chris Gilman

Buy Solo Ads

Brandon Sean

Best Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Edgars Skujins

Buy Solo Ads

Dennis Pippin

Cheap Solo Ads

Khaled Ibrahim

Best Solo Ads

Ivan Rendulic

Buy Solo Ads

Paul De Sousa

Affordable Solo Ads

Phil Springer

Cheap Solo Ads

Daniel Huppertz

High Quality Solo Ads

Zion Bar

Buy Solo Ads

Jasdeep Singh Jandu

Best Solo Ads

Surin Ang

Affordable Solo Ads

Eng Kiat

Buy Solo Now

Matija Balantic

Cheap Solo ad

Ray Bowring

Try Solo Ads

Evan Hoeflich

High Quality Solo Ads

Tim Ph

Buy Solo Ads

Mukesh Malik

Try Solo Ads

Deepak Kulkarni

Try Solo Ads

Zil Norvilis

Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing

Sarah Chew

Buy Solo Ads

Paul Graham

Try Solo Ads

Rakibul Hasan

Buy Solo Now


Top Solo Ads Vendor

Matevz Fatur

Try Solo Ads Now


Udimi Solo Ads

Pallab Ghosal

Buy Solo Ads


Solo Ads That Convert

Mark Haydin

High Quality Solo Ads

Marcel Koerts

Try Solo Ads

LJ Aviles

Buy Solo Now

Craig Dawber

Buy Solo Now

Richy McGinnis

Buy Solo Ads

Terence O’Rourke

Email Solo Ads

Kresimir Klukovic

High Quality Solo Ads

Shaily Gupta

Buy Solo Ads

Micke Karlsson

Try Solo Ads

Domen Deu

Try Solo Ads

Fredrik Forsman

High Quality Solo Ads

Roy Chui

Buy Solo Now

Daniel Huppertz

Buy Solo Now

Maurizio Pace

Email Solo Ads


Buy Solo Now

Bill Douglas

Try Solo Ads

Michel Sirois

Solo Ads That Convert

Conclusion- 50+ Best Solo Ads Providers

To summarize, investing in high-quality solo ads providers is quite beneficial and ideal for getting good marketing output. If you are looking to rapidly purchase targeted traffic for the sales funnels or your website, pay attention to solo ads. However, as we stated in the post above, you need a reliable source. And which source is more reliable and upright than Udimi? Take advantage of this platform and buy legit traffic, promote your business and expand your reach.

Nonetheless, be aware of the scammers who take the money and do not deliver on their promises. So, make sure you trust the platform and the seller before placing an order. 

We hope our list of 50+ best solo ads providers helped you narrow down your search. Make sure you use the tools we stated above to track all your campaigns and clicks effortlessly.

So, do you use solo ads to promote your business? If  so, then who is your favorite Solo ads provides in 2022? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding solo ads marketing.

1.     Are Solo Ads effective?

Yes. Undoubtedly, Solo ads are a great way to expand/promote your new business. They cost very little compared to other marketing means and are highly effective.  They are one of the most secure and fastest ways to blast exposure for your newly launched product or business. The traffic and elite email list you get from solo ads are unmatched.

2.     How do you sell solo ads?

For being a solo ads seller, you need to have a list of emails of highly targeted people. Here are the following steps you need to follow for becoming a solo ads seller,

  • Choose a suitable niche or category
  • Get an email marketing software for gathering email addresses
  • Join solo ads trading marketplace such as Udimi
  • Set up a seller profile
  • Accept or reject traffic orders at your convenience
  • And at last, deliver what you promised to the buyer

3.     What is the best platform for buying solo ads from?

Still looking for the best place to buy solo ads ? go for Udimi. It is one of the most dependable and trustworthy marketplaces for solo ads trading. You can safely buy and sell traffic here without worrying about scammers and fraud.

Best thing about Udimi is that it has hundreds of solo ad vendors. You can easily compare then side by side and filter then as per your requirement. In case you stuck some where you can contact Udimi customer care team. Their customer care service is highly reliable and always there to help you in need.

4.     How do you buy solo ads?

To buy solo ads from a solo ad trading platform, here are the following steps you will need to follow,

  • Choose a platform to buy solo ads from. We recommend Udimi
  • Create a buyer’s profile on the platform
  • Decide the number of clicks you require
  • Choose a seller whose profile matches your requirements
  • Contact the seller or get access to their site’s list
  • Place an order for the number of clicks you require
  • Complete the payment process

These were the simple steps of buying solo ads from a seller.  At last, when you receive the clicks, you can write a positive comment under your seller’s profile. If you choose Udimi marketplace, you can get your money back if the seller does not provide you with accurate traffic.

5.     Can we use solo ads for affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can. When you purchase solo ads from a seller, they basically share you product/service with their long email list subscribers. Solo ad vendor will send an advertisement to those email users and promote your product or business. This makes solo ads one of the most efficient ways to do paid advertisement for affiliate products.

In comparison to other marketing platforms online, the Cost per Lead (CPL) is quite lower for affiliate marketing. That is, you can get one Click for as low as $0.05. So yes, you most certainly can use solo ads for affiliate marketing.


Udimi Review 2022

Udimi Review 2022

Do you want to promote your online business without any hassle? If yes, then you should start using solo ads from now.

Solo ads are
great for building an elite email list and promoting your business. If you have just started a new business or
looking for budget-friendly tools to promote it, solo ads are there to rescue
you. They are cost-effective, reliable, and can reach a large targeted audience
at once. 

If you want to buy solo ads from a platform, you need a reliable source from where you can buy them. Fortunately, there are thousands of platforms available online. However, having various platforms promotes indecisiveness in people. Thus, to help you out our experts did the deep research and analysis of the well known solo ads marketplaces, and they landed at the conclusion that Udimi is one of the most trusted platforms to buy solo ads.

It provides high-quality, targeted traffics. Hence, in this article, we are going to share with you all the necessary details about Udimi including, the definition, features, advantages, disadvantages, pricing, reviews, and ratings.

1) What is Udimi?
2) How does it function?
1. For buyers
2. For sellers
3) Important Features
4) Price and Membership costs
1. Perks of Udimi Prime membership
5) Benefits& Drawbacks
1. Benefits
2. Drawbacks
6) Customer Support System
7) Alternate choice
1. Udimi vs. TrafficForMe
8) FAQs
9) Conclusion

What is Udimi?

Udimi is one of the most trusted and reliable marketplaces for buying and selling traffic. To put it simply, it is a solo ad trading platform. Business owners can buy targeted traffic on this marketplace from the sellers to grow and promote their business.

It strives to smoothly manage and streamline all the trades between buyers and sellers. Making sure that the buyers get the best traffic quality and the sellers get fast payments is their chief priority. They ensure that you receive real traffic, and not useless bot clicks. They even refund you the money if you do not receive what the seller promised.

How does Udimi Work?

Udimi functions in a very straightforward manner. Its working system greatly resembles the systems of other businesses such as Upwork or AirBnB. It basically works as a middle-man between two people, the buyer, and the seller. First, you have to create an account and sign in, which is totally free. It works differently for both parties. So, we will discuss it separately.

For Buyers

Here is what you will have to do if you are a buyer on Udimi.

  1. Looking for a suitable seller – In this step, you have to explore the seller search section and apply appropriate filters to match their requirements. You can even see the ratings, sales, and locations of the seller.
  2. Placing the order – Once you find the perfect match, you need to put your link there. After that, you can choose the number of clicks you require and pay for it.
  3. Watch the outcome – There is a click filtering option on this platform. It allows you to track new visitors and signups on your website.
  4. Rating the sellers – Once you receive the traffic, you can put a public review on the seller’s profile. If you got what the seller promised, you can post a positive review and vice versa.

For Sellers

Here’s what you will have to do if you are a seller on Udimi.

  1. Creating your seller profile – At first, you will set up a seller account and verify your identity. Thereafter, add the necessary details such as the prices and discounts.
  2. Reviewing the orders – When you receive an order, check the buyer’s website and profile. Then, you can reject or accept the order at your convenience.
  3. Delivering the traffic – If you accept the buyer’s order, make sure to deliver what you promised so that you get positive reviews.
  4. Rating the buyer – Thank your buyer for purchasing from you and write a review according to your experience.

This platform keeps the customer’s convenience first and provides them with the best services. You can be assured that it’s not a risky place and you will not lose your money and time here.

Important Features

Heretofore, you got to know about the definition and function system of Udimi. Now, we will reveal some of the best features of this platform.

-Earn from their affiliate program

Along with earning from solo ads, you can also earn from the affiliate program on Udimi. If you promote their product and encourage others to join it, Udimi compensates you with a 5% commission whenever they sell or purchase ads.

-Safe trading

You can safely trade ads on this platform.They make sure that sellers do not deliver unnecessary bot clicks and scam you. Hence, all the sellers are asked to verify their identities. Due to this, once they are banned from the platform for causing any inconvenience, they cannot make another account with a new identity.

-Sellers with elite email list

The sellers on this marketplace own elite email lists that can be used to attain great conversion rates on the page. You can choose sellers based on your budget and requirements to grow your business. You can even get your money back if your requirements are not fulfilled.

-The advanced click filter system

To protect their customers from tricksters, Udimi has a custom-designed click filter that bans the sellers who sell fake clicks.  Research suggests that Udimi has banned more than 5000 scammers and saved over $500 000 000 money for their 2 million customers.

-No need to worry about the ad texts

If you are a buyer on Udimi, you do not have to be fretted about the ad texts as they take care of it. This is one of the biggest tasks and they simplify it for you by just taking the URL from you. So, you can relax and focus on other important things.

Price and Membership Costs

The cost for a single click ranges from 0.40 dollars to 2.00 dollars. You can sign up for free on Udimi. However, if you want to take advantage of its features, you will have to buy Udimi Prime memberships. The prime membership costs 15 dollars per month and provides you with various additional features.

Perks of Udimi Prime membership

  • You will be able to track more visitors with the prime membership.
  • You can set extra filters and easily look for a vendor.
  • You will also get a free 5 dollar gift card that you can use to purchase solo ads.
  • It earns you a profile badge too that enhances your reputation.
  • In addition to the perks stated above, you will get even get access. It is a tool that the sellers can use to manage their solos and the buyers.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Up until now in this review, we provided you with the formation about how Udimi works, its features, and pricing. Let us now tell you about some of the benefits and drawbacks of this platform. It will let you decide if Udimi is worth it or not.


  • Easy-to-use and beginner-friendly
  • One of the most trusted solo ads marketplace
  • Provides transparent services
  • Has advanced click filter system
  • Various amazing features for both standard and prime members
  • Bans fraudsters and scammers before they reach you
  • Provides 24 hours live customer support
  • Budget-friendly for both parties


  • The cost of prime membership is a bit on the higher side.
  • Prime filter is not available for standard members
  • Fewer options for the sellers in comparison to the buyers
  • No app is available for iOS devices

Customer Support System

Udimi is one of the most trustworthy solo ads trading platforms in the world. One of its main reason is their customer service. They are always there to save your day whenever any inconvenience happens. You can just go to their website and click on the “help” icon on the last page. Someone from their customer support team will get in touch with you instantly via live chat and solve your problems. They will even refund your money back to your account if the sellers do not provide you with satisfactory results. 

Alternate Choice

Udimi is one of the best solo ads trading platforms. However, there are other alternative marketplaces too that are not better than but as good as Udimi. TrafficForMe is a good example of that. So, let’s compare the features of these two tools.

Udimi vs. TrafficForMe

Udimi is one of the largest solo ads trading marketplaces.

TrafficForMe is a top-listed agency from where you can purchase high-quality traffic

You can check reviews, quality of the traffic, and statistics on Udimi.

TrafficForMe does not have these features.

It is easy-to-use and beginner-friendly.

It is also easy-to-use but the interface is a bit outdated.

It is cheaper where it will cost 0.40 dollars per click.

It is more expensive than Udimi and it can cost you 0.50 dollars per click.

Udimi is trustworthy and the quality of the traffic there is also good. So, before trusting TrafficForMe, find out about their conversion rates and traffic quality. Then make a decision.


After inspecting all the features and benefits of this platform, we can say that you can totally go for this solo ads trading marketplace. You can build an elite email list and purchase unlimited traffic with the help of this platform. 

Sellers from almost all niches are available on this platform. Even though there are various other sources to buy solo ads from, Udimi is still one of the greatest sources. It is fair to both buyers and sellers and takes equal care of both parties. We hope this review helped you to learn more about Udimi and come to a conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Udimi worth it?

Yes. Every penny spent on Udimi is worth it. It is one of the greatest tools to bring traffic to your website. It does not burn a hole in the pocket of the buyers. And, it is very advantageous for the sellers too as they get bulk sales and fast payment.

2. How does Udimi’s affiliate program work?

Udimi’s affiliate program works in a very simple manner. If you refer it to someone, you will get a recurring 15% from their orders. If they purchase solo ads for 1000 dollars, you will get 150 dollars in your wallet.

Likewise, if your 100 referrals individually purchase solo ads for 1000 dollars in a month, you will be given 15,000 dollars a month. As a welcome gift, Udimi also gives 5 dollars discount to all your referrals on their first order.

3. How much does Udimi Prime membership cost?

The Udimi Prime membership costs 15 dollars per month. With this plan comes various amazing features too. You will get advanced click filtering that will keep the scammers away.

4. Is Udimi prime different from standard?

Yes. There is a huge difference between the two. Prime is more advantageous than standard as it has many extra features. Whereas, the standard plan has limited features. The customer support for prime users is also better.

Whenever a new feature is launched, the prime members get it first and then the standard members. They even get access to the microsite webpage builder. If you are a prime member, you will receive an extra commission on affiliate programs too.

5. Is it safe to use Udimi?

Yes. Udimi is one of the safest marketplaces from where you can purchase solo ads. It has a custom-designed click filter system that stops fraudsters from reaching you. Up until now, Udimi has banned over 5000 tricksters, saving $500 000 000+ money for their 2 million customers. Even after that, if any inconvenience happens, they will refund your money back.