Tech Industry: These two tech companies pay their engineers better than their competitors


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Tech Industry: These two tech companies pay their engineers better than their competitors

The tech industry has seen various layoff rounds. The companies that laid off employees include Google, Facebook parent Meta, and Microsoft among others. But ever wondered how much these companies pay their employees? According to a report, Google and Meta pay their engineers better than other Big Tech companies.
According to new data from Blind, an anonymous forum for tech employees, engineers make more at Google and Meta when compared with those working at Apple, Amazon or Microsoft. Apple and Microsoft pay the least for entry-level engineers on average, however, when it comes to senior levels, the compensation becomes more comparable across Big Tech.
The data by Blind is based on self-reported compensation packages by users from January of last year to August 2023. Blind requires people to verify where they work by using their work email.
Other findings:
Data on Blind suggests that promotions might take longer at Amazon and the company also has wide pay bands for engineers, which means that total compensation can vary heavily.
Apple’s total compensation might be less competitive than its peers, but their job levels and pay bands are consistent and fair, the report said.
Google is claimed to have one of the most balanced or consistent pay bands among Big Tech companies. This means it’s rare for someone at a lower job level to get paid more than someone at a higher level.
Engineers at Meta appear to get promotions the fastest and have some of the highest pay.
Microsoft has many job levels for software engineers, which may give the company more flexibility to hand out more promotions. However, their total compensation is lower than their peers across the board up until staff software engineer.

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