TikToker Unveils New Face After Getting 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures TipTechBlog


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Levi Jed Murphy is happily showing off his new look. 

Six weeks after the social media star underwent five plastic surgery procedures at once, Levi shared a before-and-after photo showing his face before he had any surgeries and after his latest transformation healed.

“Surgery update: 1 month post op. my swelling has basically completely gone and my scars are fading,” the 27-year-old began his Aug. 14 post, which featured images of his face from different angles. “It’s already a massive improvement compared to my previous scaring.”

Of the before and after image, he wrote, “The last swipe is when i was obsessed with botched fillers, and it’s unbelievably embarrassing to look back at but we live n learn girlies.”

Though not the first time he’s undergone plastic surgery, the TikToker detailed the five simultaneous procedures he underwent during this most recent surgery on July 14. 

Levi had a full face-lift (which can reduce sagging and help smooth skin), a deep temporal brow lift (which raises the outside of the brows), buccal fat removal (which removes fat from the area between the cheekbones and jaw bones), scar revision (which helps improve the appearance of past scars) and liposuction on his chin.


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