UP man commits suicide after wife refuses to return from parent's house


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A 32-year-old man died by suicide after his wife refused to return from her parent’s house in Uttar Pradesh’s Auraiya district, police said on Thursday.

The incident reportedly took place after wife of the victim went to her parents’ house due to his drinking habits, which led to frequent fights between the couple.

Despite the man’s earnest attempts to reconcile and persuade her to return, his wife remained resolute in her decision to stay away. Distressed by this, the victim, identified as Rajesh, started consuming more alcohol and then died by hanging himself inside his house.

After intimation, police arrived at the scene. A thorough investigation was conducted before taking the body into custody for post-mortem examination.

The man had been living alone with his three children during this tumultuous period.

Meanwhile, a cop confirmed that Rajesh was heavily addicted to alcohol. His wife had repeatedly objected to his drinking habit.

The police are currently investigating the case. Further details are awaited.

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(With inputs from Surya Sharma.)

Published On:

Sep 21, 2023



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