Major Vulnerabilities 

Indian government warns of high-risk flaws in Samsung phones, allowing data theft, malware, and security bypass. 

Millions Affected 

Both old and new Galaxy models potentially vulnerable, affecting millions of users. 

Hackers Beware 

These vulnerabilities could let attackers steal data, bypass security, and even access your SIM PIN. Stay safe, update now! 

Update Now 

Patch the vulnerabilities immediately by updating your phone's OS/firmware through "Settings" > "Software update". 

Careful Clicking 

Be cautious with links and downloads, especially from unknown sources. Hackers use these to exploit vulnerabilities. 

Security Software 

Install and update security software for additional protection. It can help detect and block malware trying to exploit your phone. 

Back Up Data 

Regularly back up your phone's data to minimize potential loss in case of attack. Always ensures you have a safe copy even if your phone gets compromised. 

Official Sources 

Trust official sources like CERT-In  (the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team ) for updates and information. 

Strong Passwords 

Use strong, unique passwords for your phone and other accounts. Don't reuse passwords across platforms. 

Be Vigilant 

Be vigilant about your phone's security. If you notice anything unusual, report immediately or contact Samsung support.