Short and Sweet 

Share up to 2-second looping video clips in your Notes .  Adds a personal touch and visual element to your updates.

Visible for 24 Hours 

Your video Notes disappear after 24 hours, just like regular Notes. Can be replied to with messages.

Limited Audience 

You can choose who can see your video Notes – everyone, close friends, or specific people. 

Enhance Your Message 

 Express yourself more vividly than text alone. Add context and personality to your Notes with a quick video clip. 

Easy to Create 

Simply tap your profile picture in the Notes tray and record your video. Give a sneak peek of your work or upcoming project. 

No Editing Tools 

Currently, there are no editing options for video Notes, so keep it raw and real.  – More editing tools and effects could be added.

Reply with Text 

Choose who can see your video notes.  Poeple who can see your video Note can reply with text, fostering conversation. 

Still in Testing 

This feature is currently being rolled out to a limited group of users, so you may not see it yet. 

Fun and Engaging 

Use video Notes to share snippets of your day, ask questions, or showcase your creativity. 

Experiment and Explore 

Have fun playing with this new way to connect with your followers!  Try different styles and formats to see what resonates with your audience.