YK Osiris Called Out By YouTuber For Scamming Him For $60K In Basketball Game TipTechBlog


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It seems like despite all the news stories around it over the years, YK Osiris still hasn’t learned how to manage his money very well. Moreover, he now faces accusations from a popular basketball YouTuber, Jesser, who claims Osiris scammed him for about $60K. He revealed as such on the 100 Thieves Cast program on Tuesday (September 12) and explained the situation they were in. Overall, this is nothing new for the Florida singer, who recently went back-and-forth with a barber who alleged that he never paid for his haircut. Apparently, old habits die hard, and while this seems like it happened a while ago, it’s still making Jesser’s pockets lighter.

“YK Osiris is a known scammer,” he told the hosts. “A couple of years ago, I got a DM from him. 1v1. Me. $10,000. Basketball. Yeah, I’m like, ‘F**k it, why not?’ I beat him double or nothing. And then he’s like, “double or nothing!” And I beat him again, double or nothing. It was probably more than $60,000. But I lost track, bro. Because we played, like, five times.”

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YK Osiris Accused Of Dodging Basketball Game Bet

Furthermore, it’s entirely possible that YK Osiris denies this whole thing, like he did with his barber saga. “She got paid. She just want clout. Give her a lil clout lol,” he expressed. However, something that irked the 25-year-old even more was when, before he eventually paid the barber, Kevin Gates sent them $200 as compensation and boasted about it. This clearly wasn’t very appreciated by Osiris, who subliminally took some shots at his fellow MC on social media.

“I hate n***as, literally I don’t fw Nun of you l*me a**, corny a**, n***as,” the “Dear Fans” artist wrote on IG. “Get that through y’all mind man please do. Y’all think cuh y’all see me round n***as, man I’m just a good n***a. These n***as soul just be dead asf. If you don’t like me lol unfollow wtf wrong with people unfollowing is so easy lol these days. I be forgetting who Df I am, my name ‘OSIRIS.’ S**t whole a lot of weight.” On that note, check back in with HNHH for more news and the latest updates on YK Osiris.

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