Yung Bleu’s Alleged Mistress Lashes Out At His Baby Mama In New Video Before Apologizing TipTechBlog


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Thanks to social media, keeping extramarital affairs a secret is practically impossible. Yung Bleu learned that the hard way earlier this week when his baby mama, Tiemeria, came across another woman’s TikTok storytime about her experience being romanced by the recording artist. The alleged mistress, Tenom, was excited to get in contact with Bleu initially, but upon learning of his “weirdo” tendencies, she quickly decided to move on. He apparently brought her on a private jet, though he refused to speak to her during their travels.

After seeing the video for herself, Tiemeria responded in a social media statement, calling the Alabama native out for embarrassing her. When Tenom got wind of the drama unfolding, she hopped back online to make another controversial video. “I don’t give a d**n about her or Bleu! I came on here to tell my f**king story,” she yelled into the camera while continuously adjusting her hair. “Girl, you can keep your man! Trust me, I think he’s gay anyway. I didn’t even see her s**t but I hope she ain’t getting smart,” Tenom popped off.

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Yung Bleu Facing Infidelity Allegations

As that video began circulating, people in the comments were quick to let Tenom know that Tiemeria is actually on her side in the situation. “She agreed with you mama,” one of them wrote on her TikTok. “Ohhhh lol tell her I’m sorry 😭😭😭,” Bleu’s sneaky link wrote back. “You know b**ches be ready to fight over their man.”

While the tea about Yung Bleu’s alleged mistress is definitely piping hot, it’s worth noting that the R&B artist has had an impressive year musically so far. His Love Scars II album arrived on streamers back in the spring, and since then he’s collaborated with MBNel, Drew Yari, and most recently, Tyla Yaweh. Tap into Bleu’s latest LP at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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